Tuesday, December 29, 2009

settling myself

mood : hungry
song : a boy - GD
moment of the day : i took japanese book and gets confused because of it

I found my old fiction! And I was so happy! Like yay! When I read it back, it brings so much memories. I was so amateur and I wrote it like, very short. I love it anyways since I used the characters in it to death. haha xD

Rating : T
Writer : Ila Way!
Summary : Fye Arthur Darknight was one of the most powerful agent in an organization. He was betrayed and he lost his partner, his true best fiend, the only one he open up to, Faust Dean Grenn. Faust's younger brother then came to replace his brother's place but could he cure up the broken heart?

Myself posing as Teru. Too bad I wasn't as cute as he is.

Posted this just for the sake of myself. I think I needed to love myself more since I started to become pessimistic lately. And I hate it. Sometimes I just wish I could turn back time.

Survey - ON OR OFF


IF A Guy or Girl:

Wears a grill: DC
Dresses Gangsta: OFF
Dresses Preppy: DC
Dresses Skater: OFF
Dresses Athletic: OFF
Dresses Gothic: ON

Has green eyes: DC
Has brown eyes: DC
Has hazel eyes: DC
Has blue eyes: ON

Smokes cigarettes: DC
Smokes weed: OFF
Plays sports: DC
Smiles a lot: ON

Has bad manners in front of you: ON
Has blonde hair: ON
Has brown hair: DC
Has black hair: ON
Has red hair: ON
Has spikey hair: DC
Has no hair: DC
Has long hair: ON
Has curly hair: DC

Good dancer: DC
Wears jewelry: OFF
Piercings: DC
Muscles: OFF
Laid back: DC
Plays guitar: ON
Raps: DC
Can draw: ON

Has a tongue ring: ON
Nipples pierced: DC

Hugs you real tight: ON
Hugs from behind: ON

Creative: ON
Wears glasses: ON
Smart: ON
Calls you just to hear your voice: ON
Kisses you out of no where: ON
Makes the first move: ON

Hibari Kyouya. Isn't him like freaking sexy?
I still can't find anyone better than him, hah! xD
(look at his eyes, lips and neck. total seduction)

someone to love : Hibari Kyouya (KHR)
statement of the day : I need to love myself more
new word : resplendent
-bright, radiant

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