Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dream of a lost child III

okay, i'll continue from the previous one.

"what? what do you mean my friend? are they your real parents?"

"i don't know either. i asked you that before but you never tell me. it feels weird when you asked me back," replied the boy. his face shows some worry and displeasure.

"weird," i breathed out tiredly.

he looked at me back before replying, "you're weird."

i look at him after i heard him and smiled, "am i always weird like this?"

he cut off our eye contact to stare at the floor. "yes, lately you have been. but sometimes i think it was seasonal since there were times that you're really okay but the next month you'd go weird and you'd ask a lot of stupid things. it's almost like you just lost your memories."

i frowned hearing him said that. i don't know what happens and i certainly did not know what to do. the air was a little bit tense so i decided to ask him about the cooking part. i told him that it feels weird since i love cooking so why do i let him cook? he told me that he would cook whenever i'm tired or whenever i was sleeping. i laughed and tell him how cute he is. he replied with a slight blush adorned on his cheeks.

i don't remember much after that since it was a dream, yeah. but i do remember eating something good. i think it was pasta but i'm not sure so i'll leave that. but before my dream ended with my mom waking me up for school, i reemembered a moment.

i was staring at the window again and this time a guy, or a teen entered. he had a familiar black locks and black eyes with slightly pale complexion. i thought i knew him but i couldn't remember who he is. he look like he's probably 19 or something. he look at me and i look at him back. it was an awkward moment where i just stood there staring at him into the eye without doing a thing and he did the same before he broke our eye contact and asked me, "are you okay, Ila?"

which sounds so familiar to my ears. the boy. wait, he's this huge already? i was shocked and i turned my back and look at my hands, nothing much to see. so i decided to look at myself in the mirror and i noticed that my face aged. i smiled before i laughed a bit, making the boy uncomfortable with my actions. he then came closer to me and face me. i stopped laughing and i look at him before i asked, "how old am i?"

"37," he replied in a worried voice.

"37? are you like really serious?" i asked back, not believing what i just heard.

"yes, Ila. you're 37 this year."

i breathed out and try to think. "okay, fine, i'm 37. so, could you tell me what's your name?"

the boy shook before held me on the shoulders. his hands were warm and bigger than mine. "Ila? you promised not to never forget me again," he cried. "who am i?" he asked me back with a sad expression.

"eh? I... I... did i promised you that? i... i... don't know... i don't know... because you never told me before," i replied guiltily.

he let go of me and look down. he seems so sad but there's nothing i could do, i really didn't know who he is. then he suddenly spoke, "Hikari, Murasaki Hikari. You're the one who gave me that name, Ila. Said that you liked Japanese name and you wanted me to have them."

again, i was shocked. so, his name. finally i get to know his name. Murasaki Hikari. a good name. i smiled. but then if hikari means light, what does murasaki means? i thought i knew but i forgot. (note to self : find what does that means)

"Murasaki Hikari. A cute name," i smiled.

he look up to me and smiled back. "because you gave me that. Ila, don't ever forget again."

i smiled at him whole heartedly. "well, never. and this time, it's a real promise."

and the rest goes, well, i can't remember what happened next. haha. it's a dream after all. but then what i'd like to say is, OMGOSH! HIKARI IS PRETTY! AND HE HAS HIBARI HAIR! YAYYY! and also, I LOOK HOT IN MY LATE 30s! IT'S REALLY SHOCKING! hehe

and i remembered i laughed with him, i have tea with him, ate something good with him and i think i asked him how's school and i think i heard him said it was good with a blush. did my boy have a girlfriend already? xD who knows! hahahaha

a new family addition. i might as well add him in my fiction. lol

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