Monday, December 14, 2009

dream of a lost child II

it was weird but about the dream i had before, it continues. like a second episode or so. i don't even know. but it was a good dream. the dream was, well, like a normal dream i guess since it fast forwarded so easily.

when i entered my la la land, i was in a room, a dark room and i find myself looking out of the window. it was raining and it was soothing, really.

just then i thought i was bored watching the scenery so i went downstairs to meet a beautiful boy, making dinner for me. i was surprised. heck, i was! i was so surprised beyond imagination and i stood there, stoned, watching the boy do the work. as my little head could remember, the boy had a black hair, a pale face and equally black eyes. then, i remembered, it was the same boy that cried in my previous dream. so, now...

why the heck is he here?
where the heck am i?
and, why do i get the feeling that this is my house?

and yeah, like several minutes later, the boy finally noticed me and look at me back, frowning. it was weird and i just stood there watching him. then, he asked, "Are you gonna just watch or you're gonna help?"


he pouted, like a cute pout, though he look annoyed. haha. i don't know, he's just cute. but then, something stupid suddenly take place. which was,

"do you know who am i?"

yeah, i asked that to the boy. that boy suddenly stop whatever he was doing and he gave me a long weird look before he answered,

"Ila? are you okay?"

i laughed a bit, "eh, hehe. o-of course i am. i just..."

"did you forget again?"

i look at him with questioning look and with a raised brow. he just look at me back,

"you know, you should stop working late at night. it's harmful for your brain. it makes you stupid."

i blinked several times.

"yeah, you should get a new job."

"w-wha? what do you mean?"

"you should get a normal job. like a better job."

"and why is that?"

"because, each day, you're getting dumber and i'm worried."

"worried about what?"

"i'm afraid that one day..." he stopped for a minute before he continued, "maybe one day you'll forget me."

i was shocked to hear that. and then my heart hurts. because, i already forgotten him. i didn't even know his name yet. but i just smiled.

"then, you'll have to tell me your name everyday."

he look up to me and smiled. "don't you dare to forget me."

i laughed and he pouted. he's just so cute. i wonder why. then, the worst came out when he asked, "what's my name?"

i paled. "err... is dinner ready?" and i went back to the living room and rest on the couch. he came after me with a worried expression.

"did you forget me?"

i look down, "i'm sorry."

"so, you did." his eyes were suddenly teary and i didn't know what to do. "did you really forget about me?"

i gulped and came to him, "no, i don't think i forget you entirely. i remembered the feeling of you being close because i don't mind you near and i think i remembered that night when you were younger. you were crying for you mama and papa and i remembered leaving the place to search for them."

"so, you don't remember other than that?"

"uh, yeah. i'm really sorry."

"the mama and papa i'm searching for is your friends. and they died. so you took me in."

"what? what do you mean my friend? are they your real parents?"

"i don't know either. i asked you that before but you never tell me. it feels weird when you asked me back."

(to be continued)

coz i'm lazy. and i'm hungry. and i'm in that time of the month. and i'm irritated. and i'm freaking hungry.

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