Monday, December 7, 2009

being a writer

mood : angry and sleepy
song : where U at - Taeyang
someone to love : Kouya (Loveless)

being a writer, well, i wonder what kind of writer am i?

plot writer?
-not really since i don't write plot that much. i just did whenever i thought i'd forget it.

emotional writer?
-kind of. i really put my emotions in, usually that is. and when i didn't i sucked so much, i don't want to even publish it even though i love it.

perfectionist writer?
-not really because i actually hate to check my writings back because if i do, i'd change it alot and it will lose its originality.

autopilot writer?
-i believe i had this since i don't really remember what i'm writing and my fingers just typed it as they please without its master consciousness, sometimes and really often sometimes.

crazy writer?
-i think i'm starting to get a hold of it! ha ha ha!

angsty writer?
-i suck at writing angsty theme because i'd cry even before i knew it.

romance writer?
-maybe. but my romance was a bit boring. haha

step by step writer?
-no, because i suck at writing step by step.

sentence writer?
-not really because i'm not that particular about my sentences.

artistic writer?
-i have no idea about this. haha!

descriptive writer?
-i like descriptions but i find it hard to write them.

inexperience writer?
-yeah, because i'm a beginner.

young writer?
-yay! i'm 18! so does that makes me a young writer?

statement of the day : I'M FREAKING UGLY!
new words learned : fatuous - inanely foolish, unintelligent, stupid, illusory, delusive

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