Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dream of a lost child

mood : hungry
song : lie - big bang

yeah, it was two days ago that i dream about this boy but i had a feeling that i had been dreaming about him quite some time. because when i saw him crying that night, i didn't have to think as my body slowly but automatically move to ask him what's wrong. and it was then i saw his black eyes, red and watery and before he could answer me, i hugged him probably out of pity. the boy did nothing but cry more as he answered to me.

"i-i lost mama... i lost papa..."

"where are they?"

"i don't know..."

the boy was crying and i find myself smiling. i don't even know why i'm smiling but then the boy stopped crying, just a bit before he continued,

"i want my mama... i want my papa..."

"what's their names?"


"what Ila?"

"Malilith Ila..."

my eyes widened in shock. 'that's my name,' i thought inside. but then the boy kept on crying, demanding attention from me. then, i stood up and said,

"let's go find your mama. eh, wait, what's your papa's name?"

"it's Ila..."

"your mama?"


just as soon as he answered it, i smiled and hugged him. 'my child,' i thought in my head. but then, who's his real parents? the question goes unanswered as i held his little hand and walked away from the spot as we try to find his mama and papa, Ila.

i don't know why but this dream made me think and made me feel more comfortable. the boy was cute though, a bit too cute to be mine. so he's probably not mine or maybe an adopted child of mine.

someone to love : Hibari Kyouya (Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn)
statement of the day : I'M IN LOVE WITH ANIME CHARACTERS!

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