Monday, September 14, 2009

:: sleepless nights ::

Soft sobs filled the room with absence of laughter. The mood in the air is heavy but gradually it thicken.

"Stop crying," said Malilith.
"But I just.. missed Fye so much.." Ila was sobbing. She just didn't know what to do when she cried like this. And she can't even stop.
"Don't!" Malilith glared at her direction. His face was red. He was angry and this whole crying and missing thing are stressing him up. He is just angry. He didn't want to cry. No, he didn't.

"Malilith, why are you crying?" asked Fye with concern in his eyes.
"I made Ila bleed. I.. I was playing with her.. and I pushed her.. and.. suddenly.. she.. fell.. and she bleeds.. a lot.." sniffed Malilith.
He was so scared of what he have done to the girl.
"Where is she?"

"At.. her room.. she.. didn't wake up.. i tried.. to wake her up.. did I.. did i.. just killed her..?" asked Malilith, crying noticeably now.

"It's okay. Lets go and see her now," patted Fye on his head and took him to Ila's room.

"Why can't I? I just missed him too much," sobbed Ila.
"Stop doing this to me! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you, Ila! You always get the best from him! I hate you! I hate you! I.. hate you..."
"I'm so sorry.."

"Ila, are you okay? You bleed so much. How are you feeling? Are you cold?" asked Fye.
"I'm getting better. Tell Malilith that I love him and it's okay. It wasn't his fault," replied Ila.
Fye smiled at the reply and asked Malilith to come in.
"Malilith! Look! I'm okay! I just feel sleepy that time! Don't worry" said Ila, smiling happily.
"Really?" asked Malilith. "Yes, really," cut Fye.
"You really scared me, Ila. Ila, I love you. I love you and I'm sorry. I didn't mean it," said Malilith.

"Haha, I know that. and lookie, I can walk now!"

"Malilith, I love you..."
"I hate you. I really do. Now stop.. Please"

sleepless nights
where my tainted blood are denied
and your rejection towards my love
when we have lose it all
i did not ask for it
but sometimes
it just happens
and i'm okay with you blaming me
because this overflowing love
it hurt too much too keep

i concern for your dreams
i'm afraid of your guilt
and when you left
everything felt numb

"Malilith, please don't burden it anymore. Your heart."
"I wish I could"

And after you're gone, each time it's near, the dark air are still there. Chasing the warmth inside. Threatening to kill it with bare hands.

I love you

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