Monday, September 14, 2009

:: tainted blood ::

It was a cold night where the wind blows pretty harsh on Fye's soft skin. Under the moon light, he look almost angelic. Malilith and Ila stared at the pretty doll's hair. It looked so soft and silky. And that silver shines under the shallow moon light. As Malilith and Ila stared at him, he looked back with soft smile. Both of them were mesmerized with his beauty especially that pair of pretty greyish eyes.

"What are you two looking at?" asked the smiling one.
"Why? Of course you," replied Malilith bluntly, followed by chuckles from Ila.

Fye smiled at the answer and stood up. "I guess I better get the dinner ready"
Both of the other followed Fye to kitchen and prepared themselves for their work. Malilith is usually in charge of preparing the ingredients while Ila and Fye are in charge of the cooking part. Usually they would do three dishes a day. Today, they are making vegetables soup, chicken stew, and soft fried tofu.

During the cutting process, Malilith cut himself and bleed. "Ouch!"
"What happened?" asked Ila.
"I just cut myself."
"Is it bad?"
"Not really."

Fye quickly came to him and take a look at the wound. "It's pretty deep actually. Ila, come here."

Ila rushed to their side and stared at the blood. "It's so pretty"
"Ila, it's not the time. Now could you please bring the first aid kit?" demand Fye.

After Fye covered the wound, Malilith stared at it. "Why does my blood looks so dark compared to Fye and so pale compared to Ila?"
"Because we're different," answered Fye.
"All of us has different blood. You, me and Fye is. Eventhough we're different, we still love each other nonetheless. This isn't something big, Malilith. Mine is much darker because it's tainted," added Ila.
"What do you mean by tainted?" asked Malilith.
"I am mom and dad's reincarnation of the bad sides. All their sorrow, misery, dark secrets, bad quality and dark visionary are passed down to me. While Fye is the reincarnation of them being kind, nice, beautiful, and everything that keep them a nice person."
"Then, what is me?"
"You? You are those that make them human," answered Fye before kissing him on his forehead.


I missed them both and it has been so long. Tomorrow is their death anniversary and also their birthday. Will I die tomorrow? Or do I have to wait longer?

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