Monday, January 11, 2010

tired of waiting

mood : despair
song : my heart - 2PM

"there's just too much that one could say when he's pressed between his love and his sanity." -Bloodress

my heart ache. though i don't know why.

why? why?
i can't seem to stop loving.


there were parts of me that's screaming and another parts lying.

and which part is screaming? why are you lying?

i'm dwelling into the past again. and i hate myself for being like this.

because sometimes you just couldn't help it. you missed him don't you?

little by little, i tried to stop this overflowing feeling. but i'm losing my sanity.

because you love him too much.

i feel worthless and that's why it just hurt more.



i'm stressed, i'm stressed to the core.

i hated waiting yet

it was the thing that i did the most in my life.

pity me, huh?

that's why, i won't wait for anyone anymore.

if you love me, don't make me wait.

because that's one of the thing i DESPISE the most.


and still, i'm waiting

for you.


"i'll just cry tomorrow

because i can't do it in front of you." - Ila


i was interested in knowing myself. because i don't know myself worser than you.


look at me.

and tell me that i'm beautiful.


"i'm waiting for someone, to translate my heart." - Ila


"don't you pity yourself? for crying out like this?" -Alexiel


i'm missing you. more than i'm missing anyone else.

and the thought of not being able to see you ever again, made it even harder to breathe.


"when i first saw you, you were emotionless. then i know, you're broken." - Lex


"i'd tapped you on your shoulder. just because i want you to know that I care about you." - Camille


someone please save me


someone to love : Fye I. Malilith
statement of the day : my heart, is still beating

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