Tuesday, January 5, 2010

counting the nights

mood : sleepy
song : Eden - Dai

case 1


I think it's probably because I fell in love for Hibari all over again. lol I don't know why but he seems to own me now. xD And yesterday I got a new info about Hibari-san.

Hibari in TYL arc is 205 cm high and he weigh 98 kg.

I was like... O_O OMG! **censored**! HIBARI IS SO **censored**ING TALL!

at first I was really... well, kind of scared hearing that since (I had a huge crush on him) he's so tall and I'm only 153cm... (and I weigh 42 kg)

Then later, I find it sexually appealing. I started to like tall people now. lol


case 2

Ex boyfriend case, again. lol He sent me these.

[From : Megat-kun
To : Malilith Ila

sun= Malilith
cloud= Mukuro

Then.. Who am I to you..? I want to be with you but you refuse.. You said that I am your cloud but it changed.. So I guess you right.. I am not worth for it anymore.. I want to ask you for the last time.. Do you want to be with me or not? Please answer it sincerely. ]

what I did is only smile. YES SMILE, DAMMIT!

First of all,

it's true that Malilith is my SUN. he lighten my darkest lonely hours and he was always there when i needed him, when i wanted him. he never fail to complete me. it was a tough job since i practically have a lot of holes. but he fills me indiscriminately.

but, Mukuro is NOT my CLOUD. he is the mist, the one that moves, appears and disappears without a sound. never to be caught, never to be bound. No, he's not my cloud. you're wrong, Gen-chan. Mukuro to me is my ideal lust. he is sexy as hell and everytime i saw him, my head just screamed SEX! but i don't necessarily love him.

my cloud is the cloud guardian of Vongola Tenth, Hibari Kyouya. He is the CLOUD. I fell in love with him again and again everyday. i know he was a fantasy but no one said that it's wrong to dream. so, yes, i want my own Hibari. and when i found him, i'll love him.

if you're wrong at this part, that means you really don't know me. what can i say anymore? even my not so close friend knew that Hibari is my cloud and not Mukuro. then, ask yourself again. Do you even know me enough to say that you love me?

and for your personal information, Fye is my SKY.

Yes, Mukuro had this very high sex appeal to me. Especially when he's older. lol I'd surrender.

case 3

lately i've been having a really bad sleep quality. i couldn't sleep much. i'm getting sensitive and everytime i woke up, i feel anxious and tired. there's something wrong with me but i don't know what is it.


someone to love : Hibari Kyouya
statement of the day : I think I'm a pedo................ maybe...........

Why? You ask? Because I just saw this chibi Hibari picture and I fell in love with it. Then, I saw Mukuro's chibi picture and I thought... he was... sexy... so... I'm really wondering if I... started to develop... pedo... haha...

Later I read... .......................................................................... a pedo fiction....................... which is... M-Rated...............

I think I should question my sanity again.

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