Thursday, January 21, 2010

depression attacks

i just wanted to cry. and cry and cry and cry. again and again and again.

and where's people when i needed them?

i failed chemistry which means i got 0.00 for my pointer. i dragged everything down and i'm really depressed about it. i'm whiny, i suck, and i just suck.

and my aunt just called, i was reluctant to pick up and i accidentally pressed reject so i accidentally rejected her call. i really wanted to cry now.

and right now, i fear for my sanity.

1 comment:

  1. ahnyong,unnie..~

    i'm also hate chemistry..~

    but,what can i do..~i take ICT claSS in this year so i must study hard for chemistry..~

    remember,i failed,that's not mean u will failed forever..~

    acording from my teacher,when u unter to college,they still repeat back what u study chemistry at school before..~^_^

    so,u can repeat back..^_^

    FIGHTING!!!I can't see anyone I know is crying now...~