Wednesday, January 19, 2011

back pain and my neck... ;-;

mood: hurt
song: MBLAQ - Stay
moment of the day: freaking happy mood changes drastically to freaking sad and hurt after seeing that Heechul is back to losing at ZE:A Survivor.

Case 1:

I honestly freaking hate my dad just few hours ago. I have been waiting fro him ever since like my class ended which is at 2PM [2PM BABY! The hottest time of the day!] and he was supposed to pick me up at 5. I was freakin tired, running around for registration, helping my friend and stuff and I swear to God that my shoulders was about to fall carrying the laptop around, ahh my body was really sore and I was really hot. ;A; And after 5.30 I texted him, asking, "Dad, where are you? It's tiring waiting here." and he just replied, "6.30" I was WTF at the moment because he always get mad at me if I was late 5 seconds from the promised time and now he... 1 fucking hours more? WTH. Seriously, I wanna kill him that time. It just added my hatred to him. ;-;

I might be overreacting though. But really, the sweat, the sore body and the waiting just kills me.

Case 2:

M'kay, I've been wanting to make ZE:A a calender ever since the awesome September incident that is ZE:A coming to Malaysia wehee~ but sadly [just a little sad] that they just had to come on the 2nd day of Hari Raya. Because of that, not many ZE:A'S can pass from the celebration to meet them. And so, I just thought that ZE:A need a Malaysian calender so that they can properly arrange their next fanmeet or concert [oh how I wish]. I honestly have been keeping my eyes on one of the most awesome Graphic Designer I ever met, which is Chazz unnie to help me to design the calender, just in case if I really want to make them. xD Yes, that's just how high I look up on your design, Chazz unnie :3

So, I was wondering like a tired, lost, hurt little kitten [I originally write puppy but since Chul like cats... uhh...], waiting for my dad to pick me up I just happen to saw this awesome thing. But it was kind of expensive and I'm broke buying all the albums and ZE:A's calender and clothes. ;A; But ahh, how I wish I could buy it. I was so... hesitating and I decided to leave before I really buy it. But really, this things is awesome because I have no idea on how to make a calender. It's simple I know but I don't know where can I actually punch it and out the ring, compiling everything up to make it a calender. Anyway, here's the thing;

Don't you think it's cute? I'd be a perfect Malaysian calender gift from us, Malaysian ZE:A'S.

Case 3:

I don't know. I think I should start FBing again. To promote the project. I need more participants. I was scared of FB. I know this might sound stupid, but I am. Don't ask why, because I don't really have a right reason. :[

Case 4:

Just learnt about leadership today. And I noticed that I'm that of 'Club Country' leader style. /sigh
It isn't so good. I'm trying my best to become a good 'Team Leader' and not 'Autocratic' or uhh.. what's the last? lmao I can't even remember coz it sucks the most lmao.

But how do I become a good leader?

Case 5:

SPAZZING TIME!!! YEY I GOT A GOOD NEWS TODAY! THE RETARDED YESASIA FINALLY POST MY/OUR LOVE LETTER ALBUM TODAY! OH MY GOD YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW!!! :DDDDD Okay, so, a week or less to get it in my hands. OH YEAH! UH UH OH YEAH~ I'M FEELING GOOD~ OH YEAH! YEAH YEAH, OH YEAH YEAH YEAH! I love you, Joon~ :3 Even if I never really listen to MBLAQ or have any desire to buy your album. Okay, I just love you :] And Cheondung too :D Then Mir, then GO. Lastly Seungho. <3 /no, i dont love the last two boys

I happy. Really. Now my head is off one thing. Worrying about the damn album. And now I can rest happily without thinking of being so freaking late [because of me, my credit card and yesasia] for the album and feeling freaking guilty to Race, Szen, Chazz unnie, and Mira.


Case 6:

I just bought some cool stuff. Or so, I think it's cool. xD Cool clothing for winter. Yes, I know, Malaysia doesn't have winter at all but I just want a set of winter outfit just because I'm a diva like that. xD Mkay. Tomorrow I'll take lotsa pictures and post it on everywhere. It has been a while since I take any picture. So yeah, tomorrow is the photoshoot! for photo update :3 ngggggg yeyyyyy~

Case 7:

Mmmm yeah. The drawing I was supposed to make for Chul, I mean chibi Chul is... in KIV lmao. Okay, it's done but only the sketching xD I thought of posting the sketching here but oh well, no, no teaser xD

LA LA LA LA LA~ Today is a happy but tiring day~ :3 No. I'm only happy after I arrived home, so uhm, yeah~ Happy evening day :3

statement of the day: I kinda hate online shopping now.
someone to love: Jung Heechul
word of the day: murasaki - purple

THEN THE MOOD HAS CHANGED TOTALLY TO FREAKING DEPRESSED SEEING CHUL IS LOSING AT THE GAME THING. i know im crazy. its just that i only wanted this round for him. i swear to GOD that i will give the others the chance to win after this.

;-; this is heart breaking but i will fight.

i feel like buying Chaerin a gift for supporting me in my fight to win Heechul. and the other who's cutting his points... =[ im just... hurt. <--- selfish bastard's self rant that proves to be asking a direct slap to the cheek from Heechul's sexy/abusive hand.

/gets slapped by Heechul

;A; /cries

/Chul glares

;A; /keep on crying

/Chul slapped again

/slapped him back and cried

/gets slapped again

/hugs Chul

/gets pushed

you see, its the never ending life of being rejected. /in your imagination

Heechul is clearly not amused. at all.


  1. woosh!!I'll be mad same with you if I'm in that situation :o
    wahh,ZE:A calendar?awesome!!chazz unnie is a GREAT designer :3

  2. NO I'M NOT!! I'm just... amateur! ahhh, it's been a while since I visit ehre and been a while since you updated too XD miss you! hope you're doing well ^^

    p/s: i am not actively posting @ my portfolio