Saturday, January 15, 2011


mood: anxious
song: ZE:A - Mazeltov
moment of the day: confusing myself on learning how to edit picture

Case 1:

I still can't believe I'm turning 20 this year. I know that some people are probably annoyed to hell hearing this again but I just still can't believe it. It takes only a year to turn 19 to 20, but the feeling of turning 20 is so big to me. Maybe that's because I just... well, I'm afraid of being an adult. I liked my teen age no matter how much I said I hated it. Seeing myself as a 20 year old freaks me out. Even now, looking into the mirror feels so different. I don't know, it just give me a different vibe when I see myself. But then again, that's just me, afraid of the other me.

Didn't I look old now?
It's me, at the car park after attending a dinner.

Case 2:

xD Okay, this is cute :3
Not really cute since it's from Seoyoon lmao but still~ It's cute coz it represents my 3 top biases in ZE:A xD hehe
She said it was for my belated birthday but why does Taera get it too then? >[ I am so not accepting it as a belated birthday gift. But I'll take it as a leisure gift haha!
The picture pasted are old pictures of them haha It makes me laugh xD
But hey, it's still Chul, Shik and Kev's pic :3

Jung Heechul, once again, PLEASE MARRY ME :D

Case 3:

No, I'm not going to the Organ Recital ;A; ahhhh
My fault, really. First, the transport. Then, the uncertainty of the two kids whether they can go or not. Then, me not really sure how to book. Last, me booking too late Dx Ah, I suck. Literally. I really wanna go though. /pouts
I hope Chazz unnie and the others enjoy it :3
Maybe this is karma for laughing at Taera for not being able to go? Dx ahh, idk.

Case 4:

I know, I say this alot but hey, ZE:A is so important to my life, you have no idea. haha
I feel bad for not being that excited for Junsu's birthday though. Maybe because Junsu have so many love. /no. that's probably just an excuse

But yes, ZE:A, thanks for being in my life. My life are even more wonderful after you guys came :3
I have no idea why you guys are so important. So I'll just claim this as a true love! haha
Ah, I have so many things to say when it's about ZE:A. So, I'll refrain myself from making a 256732182434567839201 words essay xD

Food. And wishes for ZE:A.

Good night~ and HAPPY ZE:ANNIVERSARY again!~

statement of the day: I honestly think Heechul is actually like me.
someone to love: Hibari Kyoya
word of the day: 모든 - all
Updated the form? lol

moment of the day:

bla bla bla

statement of the day:
someone to love:
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  1. haha you looked~childish :) not exactly 20~!I can't believe it too! hee so cute :)
    yeah~happy ZE:Anniversary <33

  2. really? haha i do look old tho. you're still youngggggggg. WAEEE? ;-;

    :3 happy ZE:anniversary to you too xD

  3. 20 isn't that old~:3 meow cutie xD just act childish ~hihii

  4. hahaha! xD
    im not sure im considered as childish keke
    am i?
    awww you're just too sweet /hugs
    but still you see.. 20
    is.. adult.

  5. *hugs back :D
    yeah,your face looks like....a child hehe. But I think you're matured enough.kekeke
    20?still're not married yet,right?xDD

  6. ah hahahah! xD lmao
    married? I am Dx
    with the nappeun namja /yeah, right, in your dream, Ila. /gets kicked by Chul

    ^w^ so, i have a childish face but i act maturely? lol

  7. married with heechul?haha you didn't invite me!haha LOL so your 'madu' is chaerin unnie~hehe Shikkie~let's get married~LOL xDD
    yeah~kind of~your face is soooo cute :3 ^.^

  8. imma nappeun chul's first wifey xD hehe
    and yes, i have lots of madus, including chaerin, mira, and lotsa other xD
    didnt shikkie told you that i was marrying chul the other day? hmmmm~
    haha~ im not cute at all xD
    but you are!~
    /try so hard to seduce chul lmao

  9. no~shikkie didn't tell me xD he left and let me do my schoolworks *oh I'll kill you shikkie!haha!! xDD It's a compliment for you..just accept it :3 hihi~haha didn't you feel scared looking at his face?lmao xD