Monday, November 16, 2009

Loving you

i can't remember when is the first time i saw you
what i know is you're always there
through my up and down, my happiness and contra

loving you, it is hard
but it was pure bliss

in loving you, i learn how to be myself
and i learn to love myself for you

when i'm with you i feel good
about myself and who i really am
because you never fail to make me love you
more and more every second

loving you, through every seasons
like we was meant to be together

in loving you, i am proud to be me
and i learn to have pride for you

you said it doesn't matter
if it rains, if it burns
always know that you were there too

loving you, more than anyone else
and wish that we will never be apart

in loving you, i appreciate life
and learn that life is more than you know

smile, laugh, cry, scared and excited
i've been through that all with you
and when our hands are laced together
i could feel your beating heartbeat
calm against mine

loving you, letting the warmth spread over me
in loving you, i feel complete

Statement of the day :

Because I feel kind of lonely. Hahaha. Today we talked about my Mr. Perfect (with Hafiz) and then I realized that... well, I need to find him. Haha... Or maybe not... I don't know. I just sucked at this love thingy. Or maybe it's just like what Malilith used to say. I'm a bad luck for love.... hahah

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