Monday, August 22, 2011

To Jung Heechul oppa,

My nappeun namja, I miss you. >.< hehe

Annyeog, Heechullie oppa, this is Malilith F. Ila, your first wife.
I was happy to see how you keep on improving on things, your talents, and everything. If you still remember me, I am the girl who wore cat ears at Malaysia fanmeet and the red head girl that waits in front of Star Empire for you when I was at Seoul for few days, few months ago haha. Life is hard over here for me, but I hope it will get better and I wish for yours to go on smoothly!

It's almost Hari Raya again. Last year you were in Malaysia during Hari Raya >,< I miss that time. I really wish we had that chance again. Malaysia have more ZE:A'S these days, thanks to your hardwork and the other members in ZE:A :3 ZE:A JJANG!

I have 9 cats at home :3 We named them ZE:Cats xD There's a cat-chul, cat-shik, cat-kev, cat-woo, cat-moon and everybody :3 When I get the chance I will post you his picture, cat-Chul ;D He is so cute and handsome >w< Just like you, oppa! Cat-wan is a female kekekekeke Tell Siwan oppa this is because that cat is pretty like him kekekeke

Okay, I shouldn't burden my friend, Szennie who is re-writing this for me >.< So, take care, Heechullie oppa! Know that I always love you n.n

Malilith F. Ila (
Jung Heechul's first wife (yes, you may have more wives haha) Your biggest fan/stan

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