Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ah~ Though not many knew this but I DID went to an audition for Mentor (aired on TV3). And I went to Joe Flizzow's audition. I wasn't accepted though, he told me that I wasn't ready.

So, like yesterday or so, I thought I'd send him an email via his HR department (for his record company, Cartel Record, aight?) I was being really brave in the act, since I was very scared. *Sigh* I don't know, truly, little hopes fires me up. And I was thinking about it like how Taeyang got into YG. I mean, I wanted to be like him, trained and produced by the company but after I sent it, I just thought that... It kinda sound ridiculous. And so, I think, ah~ I have no chance. But yeah, I swear to myself to not regret any of it. I think I could try the other way if this didn't work out. *long sigh*

AHHHHHHHH~~~~~~ *a long desperate scream*

And man, I got a reply today and I'm so scared to read it. ;-; It will probably be something like...

1. I'm so sorry but we don't know you.
2. I'm sorry but we have to reject you.
3. Practice more and sent us details and your demo.
4. We're not taking unknown artist like you.
5. Have you lost your mind?
6. Ha ha ha, are you kidding me?

;-; Man, you should just listen to my heartbeat. I wish they would just forget me. ;-; Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~ *cries like a kid*


here's their reply

Dear Nur Nabilah Rosli,

Thank you for your email. We will forward this email to Joe and David of Kartel Records.

Our department is in charge of discovering and managing talents and we will be reviewing your request to audition.

You will be hearing from us shortly.

Best regards,
A&R Department
Kartel Records Sdn. Bhd.


so.. I'll wait.


  1. WOHOO~! ILA, that was so cool and brave.
    You really did that?!
    Taeyang will be very proud of you. -nods-
    Lolls XD~!

  2. kekeke I wish you all the luck you can have, Ila