Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't Stop Loving You

I'm posting my lyrics/poem here since I'm too lazy to open up my Blue Cresent. =[ I'm really in depressing mood. I missed him, I missed him more and more everyday. And I wrote this for him. Sometimes I wish, I just could wish that I could see him. One day, maybe at 2AM or 2PM.

Title : Can't Stop loving You
Writer : Malilith Ila

Stop running away from me
Stop ignoring me like I wasn't there
Because when you do, it hurts me
More than you could ever imagine

I miss you, I miss your smile, I want you back
I want to hold you, don't wanna hold myself back
I'll reach out for you, I'll come to you, back to you

There were times where I cried late at night
When the thoughts of not having you come running through
Why can't I just let you, why can't I let you go
Days after days, I keep thinking of you
I don't know how to stop it

And when you turn your back from me
I saw your shaking shoulders
Then i knew that you cried
But why did you leave
When you know I can't live without you

I miss you, I need you, I want you back in my life
I want to hold you, don't wanna hold myself back
I'll reach out for you, I'll come to you, back to you

I can't stop wondering how do you do
Even when I know I can't be with you
But still I wished every single night
Before I went to my dreamless sleep
That somehow you'll come back to me

Even if you forget about me someday
Even if you have someone else
I know I'll still pour my heart for you
Because I don't know how to stop loving you


Really, I could sing to it. But I'm not that good yet. How do I train my vocal to sound good? I'm really dissapointed with my own singing. =[ I need more guidance...

Random thoughts:
Junsu-oppa, I love you!~ Today i made my first post to you. lol Funny, I was nervous. Saranghae yo!~
I need to sleep. I didn't sleep for the whole day and night yesterday. And my head is hurting like hell.
Yah! I am sooooo jealous with the girls around Taec-oppa. =[ Haha! I'm a bad fan. lol
I'm sleepy... and hungry... all in one.

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